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I. Introduction

The Waltham High School Wiki was specifically designed as a collborative wiki about wikis for WHS teachers. The WHS Wiki contains information on what a wikis is, how you can create your own wiki, and how wikis can be used with students in the classroom. Wikis are all about collaboration, so feel free to contribute!

II. Mission

  • To foster collaborative relationships among subject area teachers, the library teacher, and the instructional technology specialist.
  • To work collaboratively with subject area teachers in designing active learning experiences that integrate technology and information literacy skills into the curriculum and meet the learning needs of all students.
  • To facilitate interactive, cooperative learning experiences that draw upon students' unique experiences, abilities, and interests.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills to become critical thinkers and responsible users/creators of ideas and information.

III. What is a wiki?

A wiki is an online collaboration tool. Wikis look like ordinary websites, but are in fact very different, due to certain features that allow users to easily add, edit, and create the content of the site collaboratively. Users can create wiki pages, which are connected through hyperlinks, and can be searched by title and/or full-text. Many new wikis allow users to customize the appearance of their wiki and enhance their wiki pages with uploaded images, imported blogs, and embeded media. The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian term wiki-wiki, which means quick or fast. For additional information on wikis see Wikipedia's detailed description of a wiki. Watch this You Tube video that demonstrates the power of a wiki. For information on how wikis can be used in the classroom see section IV of this page, "How can teachers use Wikis?," and visit the Wikis in the Classroom page.

IV. Where do wikis fit into the curriculum?

"As society changes, the skills needed to negotiate the complexities of life also change.
Today's students need to develop a broader range of literacies. To achieve success in the 21st
century, students also need to attain proficiency in science, technology, and culture, as well
as gain a thorough understanding of information in all its forms" (North Central Regional
Educational Laboratory, 2000).

V. How can teachers use wikis?

Wikis can be used with students for collaborative group projects, shared note-taking, posting assignments etc. For more ideas on how teachers can use wikis visit TeachersFirst: Wiki Walk-Through, as well as our Wikis in the Classroom page, and EDU Wikis, which has articles on how to use wikis in education and a listing of sample educational wikis. Click on the links below to see actual examples of educational wikis.

VI. How can I create my own wiki?

Create your own wiki using wikispaces:

1. Go to http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers (FREE Private Wiki for K-12 Educators!)
2. Create a space name (Hint: make it short).
3. Select
Private (Free for Educators) and then check the box to certify that I certify this space will be used for K-12 education
4. Click on
Create then you've got your wiki.

VII. How can I learn how to use Wikispaces?

Go to http://www.wikispaces.com/help+index for a tutorial that will walk you through...
  • editing pages
  • changing account details
  • setting permissions for your account and space
  • inviting members to your space
  • managing your subscription

Other wikisites that offer free wikis.**