Is there an easy way to create accounts for all of my students?

Yes - if you don't want your students to have to create accounts themselves, just email with a list of usernames, e-mail addresses (optional), and passwords in the following format and wikispaces create the accounts for you!




Tips from wikispaces.gif Help for K-12 Teachers

We have a large number of accounts on Wikispaces, so many combinations of first names, last names, and initials are already taken. It's much more likely we can make all the accounts you ask if you add a school identifier to your students' usernames. For example, if your school is called John Smith High, instead of asking us for the usernames, adam, james, and dom, we recommend jsh-adam, jsh-james, and jsh-dom.

Length of Usernames and Passwords
Please make sure that usernames are at least 3 characters long (we allow letters, numbers, underscores _, or dashes -) and that passwords are at least 6 characters long.

Which Space?
Finally, make sure to let us know which spaces we should add them to as members.